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Welcome to the Historical Thinking Missions Project!

Welcome to the Historical Thinking Missions website. Here you will find resource materials relating to my submission for the Governor General’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Canadian History 2015.

Feel free to explore the teaching materials in English and in French as well as exemplars of student’s work.

It is my hope that this project which is a strong model for effective teaching of the historical thinking concepts can be used by teachers and their students from coast to coast in Canada and beyond through doing meaningful and engaging work as historians.

The case study for this Historical Thinking Mission is Toronto’s St. John’s Ward, 1884-1925. While much of the historical narrative of this community appears to have become quite silent, is unknown and is almost physically erased from public space and the public’s consciousness; it is clear through all the primary source evidence that remains, that the contributions of the many residents of the Ward, through several waves of immigration to Toronto have left a significant historical impact Toronto’s history.

Enjoy your discovery of the Historical Thinking Missions Project–St. John’s Ward for it is in this place that the ground speaks.

Katy Whitfield

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