Exemplars of “Walking the Ward”-Self-Guided Walking Tours

The following video clip and images show my students doing their in-class historical thinking field work activities with primary source documents in preparation for their “Walking the Ward” Self-Guided Tour Assignments.



The following are exemplars of the work of my Grade 10 Canadian History student’s “Walking the Ward” Self-Guided Walking Tour projects relating to the Historical Thinking Missions Project.

St. John’s Ward-Toronto’s Notorious “Slum” by Shivam and Snehal

Then and Now Tour- St. John’s Ward-Julie, Charme and Brandon

Found Historic Objects in the St. John’s Ward Tour- Eric and Arshdeep

The Ward-It was here and now it’s gone tour-Denis and Tony

Found Historic Objects in the Ward-Michele and Matthew C.

The Forgotten HIstory of the St. John’s Ward Tour-Rojin and Matthew

And where they walked-Kid’s Life in the St. Johns Ward-Ginelle and Lisa

Historical Buildings in the St. John’s Ward Tour-Rimsha and Anchana

Walking the St. Johns Ward-Found Historic Objects Tour-Shahil and Jason

Then and Now Tour-St. John’s Ward-Akshat, Daniel and George

And where they walked-Jewish Immigrant experience-St. John’s Ward-Anjhane

Walking the Ward-Then and Now-Anita

St. John’s Ward-Then and Now Tour-Meet and Karthik





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