Resource Materials-Primary and Secondary Sources-St. John’s Ward

Here are some video clips about the St. John’s Ward

This is the weblink to the clip we watched in class today from the Cabbagetown Regent Park Community Museum’s: People, Places, and Events about the Ward

Here is the worksheet I handed out that asked you to compile your research findings on:

Graphic organizer ward

Here are the resources materials that we used in our Merry-Go-Round Resource Finding activity

–>Photographs of the St. John’s Ward

Images of the St. John’s Ward-archived images from the Toronto Archives

–> Here is the statistical data about the Ward

ENGAGING IN INQUIRY ABOUT THE ST Johns Ward-Resources Compiled by Katy Whitfield

–> Here are the secondary source materials

Engaging in Inquiry about The Ward-A series of Secondary Sources

The Ward-One of Toronto’s more historic, yet forgotten, communities

–> Here is the source materials about the Hastings Report-health, sanitation, and overcrowding issues

Selections from the Toronto Medical Officer-Charles Hastings 1911

Toronto’s Public Health Photography

–> Here are the Photographs of buildings-Then and Now

Then and Now images St. John’s Ward

–> Goad’s Fire Insurance maps-1899, 1913 and 1924

Goad’s Fire Insurance Maps

Here is the PowerPoint that I used as an introduction to the Ward today in class. 

 The following is a Powerpoint Presentation on the boundaries, characteristics, living conditions, employment and uses of land, settlement and life challenges.

Engaging in Historical Inquiry-St. John’s Ward-Teaching notes-K. Whitfield

Here is the Map you can use to plot out the various stops on your Walking Tour

Walk the Ward-2015 Google Map

Walk the Ward-2015 Google Map

Tracing the Evolution of a slum


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